About me

My name is Eliana and I live in Barcelona, Spain

I have worked in many fashion fields like accessories, designing children fashion collections and women fashion as well the creation of unique pieces and theatrical wardrobe. All my work is based on originality and the materials I use are natural and organic.

For many years I’ve been developing a personal project where I use reclaimed antique cotton, linen, silk and wool manufactured before or on the XX Century. I make handmade lace with a very strong visual impact and sensory stimulation. This has materialized on cushions, sheets, bags and all kinds of unique pieces that are also personalized.

I also had a children clothing brand where all processes were created and supervised by me using only natural materials and applying a 0 KM philosophy.

Thanks to the the fields I’ve worked and the variety of techniques I’ve learned I’m capable to analyze tendencies and create collections providing many ideas and originality.